Medical Marijuana in Florida

Florida PTSD Patients finding Relief in Medical Marijuana
Post traumatic stress disorder is a serious condition and millions of people suffer from it. For many, PTSD is chronic and doesn’t get any better with time. Regardless of the severity of your post traumatic stress disorder symptoms, you are likely to be recommended antidepressants and other drugs that are accepted in traditional medicine. It must be noted that none of these drugs or medical interventions actually attempt to cure post traumatic stress disorder. They are merely a way to make you feel better at a given point in time. There are therapies and innovative approaches taken by psychologists but that is another domain altogether.

In Florida medical marijuana is increasingly becoming the first resort for most people suffering from medical marijuana. What was once an alternative to traditional medicine is replacing the prescribed drugs and for obvious reasons. One reason is people with Florida medical marijuana card are getting their preferred strains of cannabis and finding relief from PTSD symptoms.

There are independent researches from across the country and beyond that have found medical cannabis to be effective at providing relief from post traumatic stress disorder. One study was conducted in Ontario, Canada, that explains the impact of CBD or cannabidiol which is found in many cannabis strains on the serotonin system. The interaction of cannabidiol with the serotonin system prevents the formation of negative memories associated with the incident or incidents that are the cause of the trauma.

Before the findings of the Canadian research were published, a study conducted in Brazil assessed the impacts of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the component that makes you high when you smoke medical marijuana. THC is actually more powerful than CBD and it disrupts memories associated with fear. These memories consolidate and instill phobias which are integral to most cases of post traumatic stress disorder. It is fair to infer that CBD and THC together can limit the formation of negative memories and can also avert the psychological impact of stress inducing incidents and experiences.

There are many such studies published around the country including one that was conducted at the New York University. The particular study assessed the effects of cannabinoid on humans and not on rats as most studies tend to focus on. It is only a matter of time before more experiments offer surefire proof that people in Florida suffering from PTSD will find relief in Florida medical marijuana. And doctors in Florida too will recommend the same, something they have been doing for veterans for a while now.

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